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  1. I know the cost of living is lower there, but it’s not THAT low
  2. Where is that? Even as a new grad my physician is starting me at around $58/hr
  3. "Because they fail to network appropriately?" Hard to say what this would be attributed to. Most of us in the new graduate population are millenials and have grown up with the technology of today. Some of us outright reject social media and can't use that to create networks. Some of us didn't get to network due to where we rotated in a small clinic or with no opportunity as COVID was barely letting us get through our clinical year. Some people got jobs because of their network prior to school, but that is a minority. "Because they refuse to look outside of their top desired specialt
  4. As I stated in a prior post to everyone, they don't particularly care about your grades once you're in interviews. They care more about who you are and what you bring to the table as a person. I'm relatively certain that in my 1-on-1 interviews the guest interviewer was selected to interview with me because he was an ENT PA for 30 something years and I had been a part time MA for an otology/neurotologist subspecialist prior to applying.
  5. This is their default answer for everyone. Some people however, will hear back quite soon after interviews or earlier. When I had interviewed on Dec. 1st in 2017 I heard back on Dec. 13th. Other people that interviewed on my day didn't hear back until February that they were accepted. So even if you hear of others being accepted right away, do not take that as a sign of your own being passed up on. They will send you a rejection outright if they do not believe you are a fit for MBKU.
  6. Hey all, I'm coming back to this, probably a little too much time has passed. I promise I wasn't wasting my time! I am finally an alumni of MBKU and just took my PANCE this morning. But to all those who have anxiety about it or are still waiting to hear: the key is patience. Being that I did all of my interviews pre-COVID they may have changed the timelines some and how they go about selecting people for interview. Further, priority applicants who didn't interview this first (December) round of interviews are still in consideration for January (and perhaps February) interviews. I know it
  7. Knock yourself out. I'll do my best to respond in a timely manner.
  8. Hey all, current student of MBKU here (graduating in one week) when I applied in 2017 I did not hear until mid to late November and I was an early applicant. I know you're all very anxious and excited, just be patient they will get to you. And enjoy the free time before beginning school because it won't exist once you start!
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