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  1. Interviewed 11/19/20 got placed on the alternate list today 02/26/21. I’ve accepted to another school so even if I come off the waitlist I’ll still probably attend the other school. Good luck everyone!!
  2. I also interviewed 11/19 and haven't heard back! I have no idea when they're supposed to send final decisions to everyone.
  3. I think those will come in the welcome package! They said we’d be receiving those end of February/early March!
  4. So I looked generally (just googled "Do PA schools accept chiropractic assistant work as patient care hours") before I got the job, and I read that they did! So I went with it since this was a job I could do without any additional certifications. I would double check with the program about schools requirements to know for sure. But unless they explicitly say that Chiropractic Assistants don't count I'd say it's good to apply with. I only applied to 5 schools and got rejected from UTSW and UNT without an interview, I'm unsure if this was because of my chiropractic PCE or due to other aspe
  5. I got an interview, one of the mini interviews didn’t go too well lol overall GPA: 3.79 BS microbiology minors in chemistry and Spanish PCE: 600 hours as a chiropractic assistant doing therapies HCE: 650+ (ongoing hours) at a hospital as a Heath unit Coordinator Only 60 or so shadowing hours I did lots of volunteering but my main source was being in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization for 4 years some other things that I think helped my application were getting published as a second author in 2 chemistry research papers, I was a VP in 2 student org
  6. Received an interview invitation for 12/02! Verified 06/24 and got an email that I met all the requirements on 10/05. Looking forward to meeting other interviewees and UTRGV staff! Good luck everyone
  7. An additional question for anyone who might have been waitlisted before. Is there any way to know how we rank compared to other students? Or how many alternates usually get accepted? Thanks in advance!
  8. I also interviewed October 12th and was waitlisted. I’m pretty sure they get through all the interviews to fill the initial spots and then if any of the finalized applicants withdraw, we are invited to take the position. Hopefully some open up.. good luck!
  9. Hey everyone! I interviewed with Texas Tech on October 12th. I've heard of some receiving acceptances about a week and a half after the interview, but I haven't heard back at all- no acceptance or rejection! Anyone else? I'm nervous and hoping I'm still in the running for a spot!
  10. Thank you for responding! That sounds awesome, I can't wait to meet the interview committee and staff members. That's good to know about the anatomy thing (even though I should still refresh my memory)! This will be my second interview as well, unfortunately haven't heard back from the other school. However, I'm trying to remain positive and hopeful I'll get a spot in this program. I hope you hear back soon and good luck with your future endeavors!
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