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  1. Thank you. I hope you get this email soon too, definitely will update after receiving any news, hopefully good news
  2. I have received an email that my file is now complete and eligible for committee review. Is anyone received interview invitation? Cross my fingers for all of you
  3. I got the same email, finger for all of us
  4. I have been checking my email 100 times since morning, no email yet, can’t wait Best of luck for everyone
  5. This is my first time applying here. Can’t wait for big day tomorrow. Wish you all best of luck
  6. Thank you Alysd. Also do you know how many hours of patient care is competitive?
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to see if any of you guys apply this year and have received the email confirmation?
  8. Hi everyone, Did you receive any confirmation email from CDU?
  9. I was placed on the alternate list too. Is anyone knows how long we should wait for see if we will be accepted or not? Did anyone know his/her number as an alternate?
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