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  1. For future applicants or anyone who is curious: I received the wait list ranking email on February 11th, 2021 for this cycle. Not sure how many students are on the wait list, but I was #50, so there are at least that many. I'll definitely be attending a different program at this point, but best wishes to anyone higher on the wait list!
  2. Just received an interview invite for 1/25! I declined as I've already accepted admission at a program that was a better fit. Hoping this opens up an interview slot for someone!
  3. Hmmm. Part of the reason I chose this program was because I liked the class size, so I hope it's not *too* many more students. That also seems odd considering it doesn't seem like it would be a big deal to take a semester-by-semester approach in deciding in-person or virtual. I think it's highly likely that our summer semester will be virtual, but a lot could change for the fall or spring semesters, so I'm not sure why they would make a decision for the entire year. It would be nice if some of this was communicated to those who have put down deposits... Oh well, hopefully we will hear soon! Th
  4. No, I haven't been sent any additional information by the program itself (really hoping to see an academic calendar soon). However, I was matched up with a current student and she's been super helpful! She's also the one that got me into the Facebook group, so hopefully someone should be reaching out to you soon!
  5. Waitlisted... so bummed. My interview was on 12/10, so I don't think they go in order.
  6. I also saw that and was confused! I wonder why they didn't send out a follow up email letting us know it was a typo?
  7. Accepted by email - 8:05pm, 11/30. I'll be turning down my spot to attend GW, so there's an open spot for someone else! Best of luck, everyone!!
  8. Those accepted - how much is Duke's deposit?
  9. Just received an interview invite today (11/19) for 12/10!!! So excited! Submitted my CASPA on 7/15 and supplemental on 9/27.
  10. Oh boy, I wonder if I like completely failed CASPER hahaha
  11. Hey everyone, just wanted to post here that currently there are 0 interview spots available for the rest of the cycle. I'm certain there will be people who get accepted elsewhere/drop out in the next couple weeks, so don't give up hope! But I also think it's fair to let everyone know where they realistically stand at this point.
  12. Sure, you can PM me for an email. Honestly, though, this is my first time applying and I'm not sure how helpful I'd be haha
  13. That's not correct. Those dates are for 2020! I know it's a late May start, but it'd be great to know the exact dates, as I'm hoping to visit some friends/travel beforehand.
  14. I really don't know! I had a 3.9 GPA as a genetics major, but I don't know how much they pay attention to GPA once you get past the initial screen. In general, I do think I'm a pretty good writer and wrote my PS and experience descriptions well. I feel like programs like applicants with lots of hours because it shows their commitment/healthcare knowledge, but if you can show you have those things in other ways, then you can have less hours. I hope that helps!
  15. Hello! I've given up my seat at this program, but even after the interview, I was a bit confused. Is the class of '23 going to be the first Atlanta cohort or have they had a couple before in Atlanta?
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