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  1. Anyone know if all 29 of the seats are currently filled?
  2. Is that the wait list interview for acceptance or the wait list to receive an interview? And when did you apply? (I applied in September and was notified when the others were that I am on the wait list for an interview.)
  3. Anyone know if all seats are filled or if they are still offering interviews? I applied back in September and haven't gotten any interview invite.
  4. I respectfully disagree. They should be nearing the end of the interview process and that should still leave room for more candidates to receive acceptances.
  5. Congrats to all who were accepted. I'm still hanging in here.... interviewed on 12/30 and the wait is long and tough.
  6. I'm waiting 10 weeks too (just like PrePA1003). The wait is tough.
  7. I applied the same time as well. I did not hear back for a while because my Orgo 1 grade was still pending. I emailed them my grade (A) after the fall semester and I heard back from them last week with an interview invite. Not sure if anyone asked this yet, but wondering what style the interview is, what kind of questions they ask, and in general what I could expect in order to be as prepared as possible.
  8. Anyone know where the program is holding with the interview process? I applied around October time (although I'm assuming timing doesn't matter much since I thought the program does not have rolling admissions). I'm wondering how many seats were filled and if the program will still be conducting interviews for a while... Another question for you guys: LIU did wave the requirement to take the GRE this year due to the COVID climate. Did those of you who were accepted and/or offered an interview take the GRE?
  9. For those who got accepted, how long did you have to wait between your interview and notification of acceptance?
  10. They said sometime in the end of May or beginning of June but they did not give an exact date as far as I know.
  11. Congrats! When did you interview? (And when was your application submitted?)
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