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  1. I got a waitlist position =\ Not exactly where I wanted to be, but (somewhat) proud either way since it’s my first cycle! Lol. The email states that denial letters/acceptances have been already been sent out and the waitlist has been established. They could be sending it out in groups? Fingers crossed for everyone else!
  2. Hey everyone can stop arguing now. We got the email. Hooray
  3. I think you’re right about Saturday! Lol or so I hope..
  4. Not sure if someone else had already mentioned this, but Melinda emailed me back stating that we should hear back by the end of this week! Fingers crossed
  5. Hey everyone! I received a email from Touro confirming their receipt of my application about 1 month ago. The email said that I would receive a corresponding email for the secondary application after it’s been reviewed, but I yet to receive any updates from them. I’ve emailed Naisha a couple of weeks ago and have not received a response either. Anyone know who else I can contact regarding the status of my app? Or should I continue waiting?
  6. I completely agree with you. I’m sure they’re trying their best and I can’t imagine how difficult it is to finalize their decisions. I’m grateful that they’re not rushing with decisions just to meet a proposed deadline. Better to have them thoroughly look over your application and discuss why/why not you deserve a seat rather than skim over and possibly miss an important detail that might hinder your chance of acceptance. IMO! & I definitely understand that this wait is absolutely dreadful. I’m absolutely riddled with anxiety, but we gotta remember to stay patient. They real
  7. I thought they were going to release in March? Either way, I’m hoping for some good news for us been anxious since the interview and it hasn’t let down LOL
  8. Thank you so much for your timeline! I honestly thought they just were never going to give me a rejection letter haha I didn’t realize they were still doing interviews— let alone application reviews!! Crossing my fingers for you! Hoping to be in your shoes soon
  9. Hi there! I applied this cycle and I JUST received an email from Touro stating that they’ve received my app... looks like it’s a bit late in the cycle? Should I not get my hopes up lol From what I’m reading, everyone else has received that email in November...
  10. Omg Congrats!!!!! Interviewing this Saturday. Super excited!
  11. I completely understand. I’ll definitely be keeping my coffee and water nearby then— thank you so much!!!!!
  12. Congrats on finishing!!!! Was there time dedicated for a lunch break? Trying to figure out if I should have food prepared next to me lol. Also, did they tell you when you'd hear back about acceptances?
  13. Hi Marie! That’s a great idea— I’d love to join in on a quick session before the interview! I’m scheduled on 2/6 as well
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