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  1. I was officially accepted off the waitlist this morning! Not sure if anyone else is still waiting but excited to finally secure my spot!
  2. Same. Marsha mentioned 192 interviewed (during the open house), 80 originally accepted.. leaving 112, not including people who declined. Not sure if they offered waitlist positions to everyone or narrowed it down, because that's quite a large group.
  3. Thanks for sharing this with us! Still keeping my fingers crossed
  4. We had to RSVP to get the link, but they postponed the session to March 17th!
  5. Yeah, I've done my research on MHS, just debating if it's worth it because it only guarantees an interview for Touro and not other schools. Also its more-so for people that need to strengthen in things like GPA, and my weakness is my PCE hours. Most likely will attend the information session to see. At least you know you're secured in a spot at a different program already, so I wouldn't be too stuck on Touro if I were you
  6. Nope. I got an email to join the MHS information session in February as a back-up, so thinking that’s bad news Didn’t get into any schools this cycle so already preparing to reapply.
  7. Got waitlisted as well. Seems like they end up accepting quite a few from waitlist so trying to stay positive.
  8. That's so nice of you to update us! Best of luck at the school you chose!
  9. Nope! Just a letter in the mail which I thought was very odd. Seems a bit unreliable in these times.
  10. I'm pretty sure it just means they haven't made final decisions so there are still spots left. I'm assuming due to COVID it's been harder to meet/discuss our apps.
  11. I applied in August and haven't heard back either. The email states they interview all the way until May 2021, so I honestly wouldn't think you were rejected just yet. They seem to be one of the later schools accepting applications.
  12. Any new acceptances? Going on week 7 still waiting
  13. Hi! I actually reached out to Marsha. She said the committee is still reviewing applications and will update more within the next few weeks.
  14. Thank you! I interviewed 10/15 so I know I still have some time, was just curious that nothing's been posted here yet. But good to know and congrats!
  15. Based on this thread, no acceptances have been posted since Oct 29... Feeling really anxious that they haven't sent anything in almost a month. Anyone hear anything?
  16. Agreed. I also wouldn't e-mail this early in the morning after a weekend. They finished up their Virtual Open House on Friday so they would have more time to discuss now. If you absolutely want to e-mail I would wait until late Thursday.
  17. Also got the same email. I think it was just sent to emails they have on file. Got so excited then let down haha. I knew of their virtual open house events all week and went to a few of them but this was the only one they sent a personal invite for.
  18. Haha same! Still waiting. Current class just graduated yesterday and they're also having their virtual open house right now, so most of the current focus may be on that. Hopefully should speed up soon.
  19. When did you receive the email if you don’t mind sharing? Also congrats! I interviewed 10/15 AM as well!
  20. I have the same exact question! Still waiting for an e-mail...
  21. That's actually really helpful and reassuring. I interviewed 10/15 and seeing 10/21 acceptances I started getting nervous.. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  22. Congrats! I think I interviewed with you too. Keeping my fingers crossed I'll be joining you!
  23. They mentioned during the interview that if you don't get accepted, graduating from the MHS program guarantees you an interview for their PA program if you move on. But still, too soon hahaha.
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