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  1. I received a message saying I reached the limit of reacts on this thread before I could "like" all acceptance offers so I decided to post. Congratulations to everyone who has received an acceptance offer and thank you for sharing! I am beyond excited for you all! I interviewed in early December. I'm hopeful and praying to hear something soon. I run to my phone every time a notification sound goes off and check my spam folder hourly. This wait is no joke and has taught me I am not as patient as I thought lol. I've been thinking about areas in my application I could improve just in case I
  2. Congrats on your interview invite! I strongly recommend you do a zoom test run with a family or friend before your actual meeting. I did a trial run with my cousin and ran into a few problems. My cousin said my video quality was poor. I asked family members to avoid using the WiFi to ensure I had a good connection and that helped. I tested my mic from my webcam and laptop. The video quality from my webcam was better but the microphone from my laptop was more clear so I changed those settings on Zoom during the trial run. I asked for feedback on how close/far I should have the webcam set up and
  3. I e-mailed and they responded very quickly to confirm if I was available for an alternate block. They e-mailed the itinerary the next morning which was about two days before the interview date. I would reach out to them if your interview date is less than two days away. They were very friendly and responsive each time. Good luck!
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