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  1. I’ve seen where one year equals 1/2 year of service equivalent. So you would have 6 years going in. Two of which would get you to O3 (you’ll start out as a O2). You would have 4 years of “experience” for selection to O4. My bet you’d go in as an Cpt like LT_oneal_pac said but would be up or Maj in a couple years.
  2. Awesome job! Do you know where you are going to end up?
  3. Your time is school counts towards your service so if you do year in school once you commission you will only have a year before you get a raise and including you pick up LT automatically at 24 month ( it may be 18 months in USPHS). I’m not familiar with the program but if they pay you O1E pay, which you stated, that’s different than regular O pay and usually more. I spoke with a few PHS PAs before deciding to stay Navy and I was told the advancement was significantly better and faster than other branches. It all adds up quick, credentials and licensure pay, retention bonuses, time is service,

    HPSP and HSCP

    Under HSCP your tuition is not being paid for directly, indirectly potentially. You are receiving full active duty benefits while you are active duty going to school. Unlike HPSP where tuition is being paid. Just wondering if any previous HSCP recipients could speak on the matter.

    HPSP and HSCP

    Can anyone confirm whether new accessions under the HSCP are eligible or not eligible for new accession bonus for PAs (eg 60k/4yr) upon commissioning? Appreciate the help.

    HPSP and HSCP

    Not much activity on this post for this cycle. I submitted for OCT board. Waiting to hear results. Anyone else apply? Any one receive any updates?
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