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  1. Definitely happy to hear this, thank you! Congratulations on graduating and taking the PANCE! Hopefully we will be joining you in the field.
  2. I entered the schools in the Post-Secondary Section. At the top of the section, it should ask for institutions. I was able to put in the schools I went to that I had also entered on CASPA.
  3. Definitely! Did you get a supplemental and/or interview already?
  4. Just got my invitation for the supplemental! I submitted on CASPA 7/23. Touro received on 11/09. Supplemental invitation on 11/24. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Congrats! Were you at the afternoon interview time on 11/13?
  6. Congrats! Definitely do your research on the school, program, and area! Have some stories/experiences prepared and practice speaking out loud. Leading up to my first interview, I would talk to myself in the car and in the shower to practice answering questions. And then see if you can do mock interviews! I’m always happy to help and do one if you need someone to practice with. There will probably be a few questions that may throw you off, so it’s okay to take a few seconds after they ask to think about your answer. (I found repeating the question in answer format to start off my answer helped the rest of it flow out lol) Oh and just remember that they like what they see on paper and they want to see you succeed! Just be yourself and let your personality shine through while answering their questions. You’ll do great! good luck!
  7. I think I remember you saying you were interviewing with MBKU! Good luck on that one though! Maybe see you on interview day
  8. Sorry to hear. Did you interview with them by any chance?
  9. Omg I was in the afternoon session that same day! Hopefully that means I'll get notified soon as well! Isn't it the WORST LOL Don't worry, I'm sure we will be contacted soon!
  10. Congrats! When did you interview if you don't mind me asking? I've been staring at my phone all week waiting for any message from them
  11. I'm sure it will be very straight forward. I have had to do some interviews with a written portion and they are usually questions that are similar to interview questions, or possibly a scenario.
  12. I applied August 30th on CASPA and got my invite for the supplemental on 09/15.
  13. I applied before the priority deadline but didn't get the supplemental until after so I'm assuming I didn't make the cut off lol. And yes they are!
  14. Also got an interview! Congrats to everyone but They just sent out an email saying it’s not working and they will send another email when it’s up and running. I’m so excited!
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