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  1. Actually, I just got a call this morning from the director letting me know that they had made an error and I’ve been accepted! I can’t wait to meet everyone and I’m so excited!!!
  2. Spot on. Got the email early this morning about being placed on the alternate list.
  3. I had an update! But no accepted checklist open yet, so assuming that we have yet to hear or that we’ll hear a decision tomorrow.
  4. Oh, awesome! Maybe we'll even end up on the same panel! Good to know, and it'll definitely be interesting to see how it's run.
  5. Brand new to the site! I was offered an interview yesterday and am set to interview on 11/9! Anyone else? I saw someone say that the interview is group setting with two other applicants. Is that how the whole time is spent? I saw the rough interview outline on their website and see three interview slots designated along with information sessions and panels. Best of luck to everyone, and congrats to everyone who has already been accepted!
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