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  1. Good luck! Don't worry, their interview was a pretty chill and enjoyable experience.
  2. I would think it means you're still being considered. Generally speaking, the programs that rejected me have been reasonably quick about it, and Mercer still has two or three interview dates left. Good luck!
  3. Setting up a GroupMe sounds like a great idea! I think the program also usually sets up a Facebook group for the incoming class at some point in the summer or fall.
  4. Haha, dang, you beat me to starting this thread! I'm Jordon King, originally from Seattle but living in Houston for the last 6 years. I moved here for grad school initially, then had to stick around while my girlfriend finishes residency. I'm currently working as a research coordinator. We'll be moving to Atlanta in July (yay for getting out of here before "peak" hurricane season), and I think we've found a very promising apartment about 12-15 minutes from campus. Feel free to connect on FB/Instagram. I'm excited to get to know y'all before the insanity starts next year!
  5. They seem to do interviews on a Monday or Tuesday, then meet that Friday and call people who were accepted that afternoon.
  6. I'm not sure how many applicants they get, but they're doing one interview per month from December to either May or June. Each date seems to have 18 to 20 interviewees, so in the ballpark of 120 to 140 interviews?
  7. Glad to help! Good luck tomorrow to you and anyone else interviewing!
  8. I did! I would say it's helpful to include, because A) They want to know your background, B) it gives you a chance to include information that doesn't necessarily fit into CASPA, and C) CASPA isn't terribly helpful in the way it lays out info, so you can set more of a narrative with your resume. I edited my resume, then copied and pasted a good bit of it into CASPA, and attached the more detailed actual resume to the secondary.
  9. Congrats, that's awesome! Honestly, they were the most chill interview I've had for anything - jobs, other grad school, anything. It was a fun morning of conversations and everyone I encountered was very kind and laid back. You'll have a small group interview, one individual interview (with 2 faculty), a student panel to ask any questions you have, and an info session. They want to get to know you better, not trip you up with questions. I'd just be as relaxed as possible going in and you'll have a good time! And the general advice I give for any sort of interview (I know, it's cliched): r
  10. Curious, if any of y'all are still on here, how you're feeling after the first few days of the program? I'm excited to join next year, and would love to hear any insights you have. Ironically, I'll also be moving there from the Houston area
  11. I know the feeling! My call broke up as she was talking, so she had to repeat herself. I'm sure they think I'm crazy now, cause all I could think was "don't scream, don't scream." I have no idea what I actually said on the phone
  12. Thanks! I hope you get good news soon!
  13. Got the call this afternoon! Has anyone else from 1/5 heard back yet?
  14. I agree - definitely still worth applying. They seem to be very fast in reviewing applications and sending invitations. There are four or five interview dates left (they do one per month), and they said they won't offer all of the spots until after interviews are complete. Go for it!
  15. Right? I was pretty confident I liked them before, but the interview convinced me I'm going if they make the offer. I thought it was a very friendly interview environment, with a good program culture and a strong focus on service. The group of interviewees seemed like a lot of fun as well! Here's to hoping we all make it
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