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  1. I agree, Thank you though for your answer. I appreciate it
  2. That's awesome to hear, any recommendation of how to prepare for the interview? and Good luck best wishes for you.
  3. Hey guys, did anyone interview yet?, and if yes, how was it? Thank you in advance.
  4. Congratulations best of luck. Can you please tell me when did you interview?
  5. Congratulations on your acceptance. when did you interview?
  6. Congratulations on your acceptance, best of luck to you too
  7. Yeah mine too, i only had scenario based questions. I think its different from one faculty to another
  8. Sorry to hear that, did you go an interview or no? and also good luck you got this dont let it bring you down.
  9. I interviewed today too. I did my best too, but you never know what to expect from them. anybody know how long will it take them to give you an answer? I asked them at the end and they said you most hear by the end of march after they have interviewed all the applicants.
  10. I received an invite but I haven't gotten the day yet for the interview. Did anyone of you guys did an interview already? if yes can you please tell us how was it. Thank you all and good luck for everybody
  11. Hello, congratulations on your interview. Can you please share your stats if you dont mind. thank you
  12. I haven't heard anything. I applies on 08/10 but still didn't get anything.
  13. Hello all, So I applied for Western on 08/10, then I created my account and everything is shows complete on 08/17 but I haven't heard back from them. Should I contact them or just wait since their deadlines are on 11/1. Please advise .
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