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  1. Hi I also just received my acceptance cal today! I would love to connect with you all too!
  2. has anyone heard anything back recently from the waitlist? i feel as if they might be getting back once they know they have the accreditation but still super anxious.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has been accepted from the waitlist recently
  4. Omg congratssssss!!! Do you mind sharing when you guys interviewed? I interviewed on 01/07 so just trying to get a gaze. Sooo nerve wracking
  5. Just curious to know if anyone who got to another program dropped their seat or planning on dropping their seat here?!
  6. Has anyone from 12/9 interviews heard back as of yet? Lol like everyone else I’m constantly refreshing my email to see if I have received any email updates or anything but haven’t received anything yet but anxiously waiting. Also, congrats to all those who has been accepted thus far!
  7. Congrats!! Im guessing they might be doing it because they need people as back ups if anyone decides to drop out from the program
  8. I was also placed on the alternate list. I spoke with the admissions department and they said the class is currently full. I think the class might have gotten full from the last interview because based on this interview it seems as it most of the people were put on the alternate list.
  9. To those who are accepted, did you guys get a phone call or an email?
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