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  1. Has anyone heard anything new since that email?
  2. Honestly just be yourself! I recommend just answering the questions honestly and trying not to practice and rehearse too much. Just be yourself! The staff is very friendly and wants to get to know you! Ask your questions and show your interested!
  3. Just got my acceptance into the harrogate campus! So excited to meet everyone!
  4. Hello everyone! I will be interviewing for the harrogate campus in January. Can anyone tell me the interview style?
  5. I have not and I feel the same way. I was really hoping for a call that day! I don’t feel amazing about how I interviewed though
  6. Anyone from the interview group today get notified for acceptance? It was nice to meet everyone!
  7. yes I have two more interviews coming up but I was so hoping to hear from CMU on a final decision before then.
  8. Well congrats on the acceptance! Wish you the best!
  9. Has everyone who interviewed heard a final decision or gotten waitlisted/rejected yet?
  10. any tips for preparing for the interview? I interview on the 16th and am super nervous! I have only interviewed at one other school so far!
  11. Congrats to both of you!! I'm starting to get really worried since I haven't heard back yet!
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