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  1. I will be declining my spot. Good luck everyone and I hope this helps one of you get into your dream school!
  2. I applied mid August and received the interview offer for 12/16. I have been accepted to a couple of different programs so I am weighing my options as to whether or not to go forward with this interview. Good luck everyone!
  3. I also received an acceptance from the 10/28 interview. Does anyone know if that post about the school not caring about their students holds any truth?
  4. I received an acceptance today. Is there a group for accepted students formed?
  5. Does anyone know the format of this interview-group, individual, etc?
  6. Interview is 2 on 1 (2 faculty and you). Laid back and no difficult questions. There's also an essay, not timed.
  7. Accreditation was delayed and start semester pushed back to fall 2021
  8. Question to anyone who has interviewed already- Do you need to stay on zoom until 5:10 or are you done after your personal interview? TY!
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