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  1. Has anyone gotten the supplemental application sent to them yet? I was verified last week & every other program has confirmed they have received my application but RVU.
  2. The PA profession was designed to take personnel with medical experience and put them in an expedited, rigorous, basic med-school with a fire hose program and produce medical professionals capable of autonomous and team-worked based medical care. The original PAs were military corpsman and medics, who obviously had a medical background, and were given a crash course in autonomous advanced patient care and treatment. The 1000 PCE requirement, or even higher for some programs, is there to ensure that applicants have a basic understanding of healthcare which, in turn, bolsters chances
  3. Hi, So from what I know, and this is very dependent on several factors, but some states/regions have the option to deny you licensure and/or certification if you have a misdemeanor or felony. So, while the school may accept you, you might be prohibited from gaining licensure upon graduation. Again, very state and region/program dependent but schools will run national background checks on you prior to admission. Be upfront and honest. When in doubt, talk to a lawyer or look into state regulations.
  4. Hello! I am also a mom of two kids under three and all the schools I have reached out to have been impressed that I was able to maintain competitive grades and work while being a mother. My advice? Use it to your advantage, parent's are amazing at time management and truly work hard to achieve their goals. You got this! Ps. most of my colleagues, who are currently PA-S or PA-C, have told me that their classes had many students who were parents and one even had someone give birth in the middle of the first year. Don't stress.
  5. Make sure you understand the difference between PCE and HCE. Your job, judging by just the title, is indicative of PCE (arguably the more important of the two).
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