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  1. From what I understand & I could be completely wrong- is that it is 1 year to get in state. I believe active duty military, veterans and spouses are exempt from the 1 year requirement.
  2. Woke up this morning to an interview invite, I will be declining so hopefully this frees up a spot for another person! Good luck all!
  3. This happened with with us back in September! It was remedied by emailing Kay- she had to send all of us another link! Just reach out to her & don't worry, she responds very quickly !
  4. I would email Kay ASAP. I didn't have that problem but had another one and she was super responsive & supportive!
  5. I submitted mid may & then supplemental the day it opened.
  6. Hello all! I received acceptance to a school closer to home and will be giving up my seat in this program! Good luck to everyone!
  7. I got the call too !!! So excited to be a part of this program !! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ❤❤
  8. No I've been staring at my phone all day....slowly losing hope
  9. Has anyone heard anything from yesterday’s interview I know Kay said she would call today, but the silence is killing me…
  10. At the very bottom- it says withdrawal PA application.
  11. Declined my interview invitation- forgot to update the forum. Hopefully this opens a spot for another person. Good luck everyone!
  12. The first interview date is 9/14. The class size is 44. As for stats- the University of Colorado website is a great resource to find previous acceptance statistics including median gpa/PCE hours/etc. Also, the website has interview information and details exactly how the interviews take place- 1 individual and 1 group.
  13. I just received an interview invite but have already been accepted to a program and have a scheduled interview at my top choice in September- so I will be declining! I hope this frees up a spot for others! Best of luck everyone !
  14. Don't loose faith! I've also seen people with amazing stats not get interviewed at this program. It's difficult to know exactly what each program is looking for with each cohort but it is still very early. I've heard that their cohort selections tend to have trends that differ from year to year.
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