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  1. Would this mean our application passed the initial review? Or are they going to pull from everyone's credit regardless.
  2. Based on the Program Guidance PDF, you would not be covered for the fall semester (assuming you are starting in the fall). The tuition is covered for any coursework in progress during the supported years. I.e, if you start a semester in May, and the support stops June 30th, it would cover the tuition since it is currently being taken during that year. You would not get tuition support if semester starts mid July. In my opinion, if you want flexibility, do not go for the third year. 3 months for a whole additional year of service seems not worth it to me.
  3. It will also be the cheapest PA school in New Jersey for residents. Director also worked at the other big PA programs in NJ.
  4. I remember listening to a panel about a PA program somewhere on the West Coast where the NP program and PA program follow a similar curriculum. The director leads both programs which is why they became somewhat integrated. I would look into that.
  5. Accepted today from 2/16 interview! Excited to meet everyone
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