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  1. i also just got a waitlist email. from what i've seen in the past they do not tell us our rank nor do they want us emailing them about waitlist progress. i saw in the 2019-2020 cycle that people were saying 50-60% of waitlisters get off, so fingers crossed for everyone on the waitlist!
  2. I submitted to CASPA the 28th and was verified the 29th!
  3. For those who have received their interview date and time, how long did you have to wait after receiving your RSVP confirmation to get a date and time? Also, what is your date? I received my RSVP confirmation email on 1/28/2021, so I was just wondering how far in advance everyones been hearing their date/time. TIA good luck to everyone!
  4. hi sorry for the late reply, the interview is just you with an alumni and a faculty member! the student and alumni panel are not interviews, theyre just answering any questions you may have for them!
  5. does anyone know if the interviews are open application or blind?
  6. i submitted CASPA early july and the supplemental with money order by 7/15!
  7. i just got an interview invite for 11/7! the email says, "**Each applicant will participate in the following sessions on a rotating basis: Interview, alumni panel, and student panel." for those of you who have interviewed, will I, the interviewee, be with other people during the alumni panel and student panel?
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