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  1. I am a junior pre-PA student located between San Antonio and Austin really needing shadowing hours. I understand because of covid this may be more difficult to obtain, but I am a fairly average (maybe slightly below average if I am being honest) candidate and would like to do everything I can to give myself an extra edge.
  2. I just finished the lab for orgo 1. I only took the lab and it was really easy. Im assuming the lab for orgo 2 would be the same but with different topics. In that case you would be able to finish in a week or two. The only thing is I am not entirely sure all schools will take it to fulfill the requirement of an orgo class w/ lab FOR MAJORS. I've asked plenty of schools and gotten different answers, but the lab in general is super easy and I found chegg for was very helpful if you want some *extra* assistance.
  3. Kin 199- Ecological Approach to Health & Fitness and kin 101? All the other ones are KIN 300+ so I'm assuming they for sure qualify if yours did
  4. Even the intro classes? I am also a sport and exercise science major that would help my science gap BIG time
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