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  1. Okay I am taking mine this week -I kinda forgot about it smh- hopefully I receive an email soon after. Thank you!!
  2. had you already completed the casper test when you submitted?
  3. Hi first time applicant here! I submitted my caspa app and supplimental weeks ago and never got an email from them like other programs. Did anyone get an email from them or do they only email after the Casper test has been completed just want to make sure I'm not missing something else.
  4. I am a junior pre-PA student located between San Antonio and Austin really needing shadowing hours. I understand because of covid this may be more difficult to obtain, but I am a fairly average (maybe slightly below average if I am being honest) candidate and would like to do everything I can to give myself an extra edge.
  5. I just finished the lab for orgo 1. I only took the lab and it was really easy. Im assuming the lab for orgo 2 would be the same but with different topics. In that case you would be able to finish in a week or two. The only thing is I am not entirely sure all schools will take it to fulfill the requirement of an orgo class w/ lab FOR MAJORS. I've asked plenty of schools and gotten different answers, but the lab in general is super easy and I found chegg for was very helpful if you want some *extra* assistance.
  6. Kin 199- Ecological Approach to Health & Fitness and kin 101? All the other ones are KIN 300+ so I'm assuming they for sure qualify if yours did
  7. Even the intro classes? I am also a sport and exercise science major that would help my science gap BIG time
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