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  1. As current student who went through interviews last year, the Virtual format was as follows: - each interview session had about 40-50 ppl per, which were divided into groups of 10ish with 2 faculty & 1 school admin that helps keep the flow -were were put in an assignment order (1-10) - each student was asked to give a brief 1ish minute statement about yourself and it it went in assigned order - then each student was given an individual question that was random based on your order number & then everyone was given a group question that each student would answer (you had ~5min to brainstorm both questions) - then each student answered their individual question in order 1-10 & the group question was answered in reverse order (10-1) -then they opened it up for questions with any remaining time before you went back to the main zoom room where they did a faculty & student panel about the program and you could ask them questions. They finish up with details about what to expect next from the admission process. Overall, it was a pretty low stress format for interviews compared to other interviews I had. They just want to get to know you and see if you are a good fit for their program. This is just how it went for us, I am not sure if they switched it up this year but hope it helps!
  2. My app went into review on 12/17 also! I signed up for an interview, but I also emailed them to clarify the situation. They are on break for 2 weeks so I guess Ill have to wait to see what they say. I feel you on the frustration part, sorry you're going through it too. It is oddly comforting that I'm not alone in this, but we've all worked so hard to get to this point of the process that I wouldn't wish this on anyone!
  3. Thank you! I fortunately just found out I got into another school, but western was one of my top schools when I originally applied. I am going to interview assuming its not another "clerical error" (which would be awful!) and still give it my best, the unclear communication does make me a bit nervous long term though. I have a friend who goes to western and she is in her clinicals right now and when I told her what happened she told me they haven't been the best with communication throughout her process so that concerns me. It is a much more affordable program than this other school I got into, but communication is a big component of success and while it is definitely more affordable its still a lot of money! It gives me hesitation especially when I have worked so hard to get to this point.
  4. I was sent an email for a interview offer on 12/7, but there was nothing on my portal to register for an interview so i emailed them. They got back to me saying the email for an interview was sent as a clerical error and that I my application was still being reviewed. Obviously I was pretty upset and bummed. Hadn't heard anything more from them since 12/7 until this morning when I got an email saying I hadn't registered for my interview yet. Now the only date that is left is March 3rd, is that late? From what i've read on this thread they're usually done with interviews in feb? Is it another "clerical error"? A little concerned because I feel like communication shouldn't be this all over the place for a professional education program.
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