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  1. Do you think they already called everyone for interviews yet or do you think they are still calling people? Anxiously waiting
  2. Nope! It says on their website they do not start viewing applications until Jan 15th (Last friday).
  3. Received my acceptance on Tuesday! Go blue!
  4. January 15th at 5pm! They said we can only reach out after then.
  5. I also received that email! Hope yours went well as well!
  6. Received my confirmation email of meeting basic requirements!
  7. I also received this email! I applied in August as well.
  8. Hi! Starting this for all my Early Decision Applicants like myself! I was offered an interview for November 18th!!!!! Good luck to anyone else applying!
  9. Looks like they were approved! Guess this needs to be moved to official Michigan PA Schools
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