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  1. Received acceptance offer!!! Cannot believe it! Congrats to others who did too and fingers crossed for those who are on the waitlist!
  2. My interview is on Wednesday 12/16 too! Best of luck! I wonder what the format is going to be like.
  3. Has anyone received the Zoom invitation link? Confirmed my attendance on 12/1, but haven't received anything yet.
  4. Does anyone know when we can start expecting to hear back from admission? Is it mid-December?
  5. No worries! This is what the email said when they received my application: "Thank you for your interest in the LIU Physician Assistant Program. We are writing to let you know your CASPA application has been received and verified. It is currently under review by the LIU PA Program. Again, thank you for applying to the LIU Physician Assistant Program." So from this email, I knew my application was finally under review and their program was determining if I should get an interview or not. Hope this makes sense!
  6. It was an email invite and I applied mid-July! My application was in review on Oct. 20th. Hope this helps!
  7. Just received an invite to interview!! Interview date is 12/16. Best of luck everyone!!
  8. I agree with Mmram where it sounds like you made a great impression! With this being your 3rd cycle applying I'm sure it hasn't been easy and it's hard to get discouraged, but sounds like you're doing all the right stuff!
  9. Invited to the supplemental! SO excited Congrats to everyone else who received the good news!
  10. Hey everyone, Congrats on getting interviews! I am scheduled for November 6th. Does anyone know of questions they have asked in the past? And any study tips you found helpful? Thank you
  11. Hey everyone! Congrats on getting interviews! I'm also interviewing Oct 13th as well and would love to join your zoom meeting. 11am on Saturday works for me too. Some books that were recommended to me from pre-PA students was Savanna Perry's Interview Guide book and Andrew Rodican "How to ace the physician assistant school interview"
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