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  1. Hi there everyone, just wanted to say I got a call from Dr. Childers today and was offered a seat in the program! So the calls are starting!!
  2. Hey there! I’m also interviewing tomorrow and wondering about this. Also have you received the email with the links yet?
  3. Okay great! Thank you, I’ll be on the look out then!
  4. Has anyone submitted the supplemental and gotten a confirmation afterwards? I submitted a couple days ago and want to make sure I shouldn’t be looking for a confirmation email or something.
  5. I haven’t heard anything back yet either but hoping for something soon!
  6. I’m in the exact same boat! If anyone has insight on this it would be very helpful
  7. Okay glad I’m not alone! I know they said we’ll know by April so that’s good. Just curious where they’re at in the process, my anxiety is killing me, lol!
  8. Has anyone heard anything recently? Are they still having interviews? Was placed on hold about a month ago and just curious if anything has happened recently.
  9. I haven’t heard anything yet either, I was placed on hold around the same time. Hopefully we’ll hear back soon!
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