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  1. I have my gmail open now. About 50/50 on sending one right now.
  2. Nope, I keep checking my email because I feel like we should be hearing back since it was a week on thursday.
  3. received interview invite, gave up my spot as I was already accepted somewhere else. Hope this opens open spot for someone!
  4. Just got accepted via email! Very excited to meet everyone.
  5. okay thank you, I thought about doing it, but figured it would be the same outcome lol.
  6. has anyone emailed recently asking if they are done their admission cycle?
  7. I also had this problem, I emailed asking and I don't think they really respond to their admissions emails. I was able to after calling my own school and asking them to send it through a paper version. Some national clearing house transcripts allow you to do a paper version even if your school does not.
  8. Just got the interview invite! Thank you so much for your help really appreciate it!
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