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  1. Amanda Vargas just replied to these questions. 1. Is the academy for success optional or mandatory? Is it usually in person or online? ; The Academy for Success is mandatory. It usually has both an online and an in person session. (Last year, it was all done virtually due to the pandemic and it may have to be online as well this year, but no decision has been made at this time.) 2. Roughly when does the academy for success start? The Academy for Success online asynchronous portion started the 3rd week of July last year, and the synchronous portion was all week, Au
  2. For those accepted, have you gotten an email with deadlines for a deposit or more info about the start date?
  3. I’ve been accepted, but haven’t joined the fb group.
  4. Interviewed 11/11 and got an acceptance email this afternoon!
  5. When I interviewed (10/19) it didn’t sound like it was definitive just yet. And they were planning on choosing 10 students on top of the 45 students (I think), but I’m not too sure on this.
  6. I Interviewed last week and felt the same. My interview at another program felt more comfortable
  7. My caspa application was verified 8/24 and I interviewed 11/11
  8. For those that interviewed, when did you receive the itinerary email? I interview on Wednesday and still haven’t gotten anything.
  9. They responded back to me a day later. Sent it on Sunday at 2:39pm and they responded Monday at 8:52pm.
  10. Just got an email at 2:11pm for an interview invitation on November 11th. Applied Aug. 21st Does anyone know what kind of interview they have?
  11. Did you get a call or just an email? What time did they send it? Congrats!
  12. I still haven’t heard back. It looks like no one else has heard back about interview invites either so maybe they’re reviewing everything. Also, we gotta remember that we can get accepted whenever. In previous chats, students were still getting acceptances in January!
  13. Oct. 19 Interviewees, can y'all let me know when you hear back? I know they said the call can come at any time.
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