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  1. So when I submitted these were my stats, but I also just graduated with a bachelor in biology with a minor in chemistry with a GPA of 3.9. I have been a critical care respiratory therapist at BWH in Boston for almost three years. cGPA: 3.21BCP GPA: 3.71 Direct patient ICU care hours: ~8,000 hrsShadowing: 40 hrs of direct shadowing/ plus I work with a lot of PAs My letter of recommendations are from a pulmonary attending, 2 pulmonary fellows, 1 MICU RN and a fellow co worker.
  2. Anyone who has been accepted mind giving us a general idea on what kind of questions were asked? Would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Well there deadline is in March 1st... so I’d assume they have more interviews available till then
  4. Anyone hear anything yet?? Coming up to the application deadline this weekend
  5. When I emailed them, they send they continue to send out interview invitations all the way to mid January
  6. I feel like GPA shouldn't/isn't the biggest concern.... my letter of recommendations are from an attending the MICU at BWH, two are fellows, one is a critical care RN and then a co worker. I feel like if you were super strong on all of the other parts of your application then you should be alright
  7. Just so everyone is aware, they will continue to send interview invitations out until mid January! Stay positive my friends!!
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