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  1. Thanks! the end is near! Hahaha.
  2. Any idea of when they’d be meeting this week? Earlier on or later?
  3. Last year, interviewed on sept 27th and heard back by October 2nd. I’d say within a week of the interview, they send out decisions.
  4. Nope! dying from the suspense. Last interview day for them is tomorrow, hopefully we hear back something after tomorrow.
  5. Does anyone know how filled the class is? Are there more interviews happening in Sept?
  6. I’d say closer to 12 seats left, some people might not have a FB that got in or haven’t been added yet.
  7. Just got an invite as well! sooo used to the Zoom interviews, anyone have tips for in person?!
  8. Last year's interviews were Sept. 13th and 27th and invites were sent out about a week and a half before the interview. Has anyone gotten an interview invite yet?
  9. When do you guys think we’ll hear back from the august 25th interview? Has anyone heard anything yet?
  10. Got an update email “Thank you again for submitting your application to our program for the 2021 admissions cycle. We are excitedly reviewing all applications that have been received by the August 1st, 2021 deadline. In the coming weeks, the admissions committee will select a set of candidates to invite to an interview with the program. From those interviews, the admissions committee will ultimately select 30 finalists to invite to join us in our next cohort, the class of 2023.”
  11. Hi everyone, not sure where the other thread went. But here’s a new one! Good luck to all applying and interviewing.
  12. Curious how people got invited to an information session? Is this a public one or only for those who already interviewed?
  13. Verified on 07/20, submitted supplemental on 7/21 ! Can't wait to hear back! Good luck all
  14. Has anyone received an invite today? Or already picked a future interview date?
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