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  1. Congrats! Getting in is one of the best feelings! Best wishes to you and hope you enjoy the holidays celebrating this amazing accomplishment! Facebook group link is https://m.facebook.com/groups/460675018672528?group_view_referrer=search
  2. Hi! I think if you email and clarify that English is your primary language, and you finished high school and undergrad here, you might not need to take that test. DM me if you still have a question about this.
  3. The call I got was from area code 216, so definitely pick up anything that starts with that!good luck!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/585370622546937/ Here’s the link to the class Fb page!
  5. I think they have another interview session this week, Dec 9th. I believe it’s their last one. I think they will make all their decisions by early January. There are about 36 spots in the program and so far we have about 9-10 students in the GroupMe. There’s still hope for anyone that interviewed/will interview!
  6. 3 cycles later….and I got the call! It was so great interviewing with everyone today. You are a spectacular group, wish you all the best on this crazy ride!
  7. Interviewing on Thursday, staying at the Residence Inn by Marriott in University Circle! Excited to meet everyone Did everyone who already interviewed do the self guided tour? Curious how it fit into the interview day schedule. Congrats to everyone that’s been accepted so far!!!
  8. Program History? Anyone know why the name has been changed ?
  9. Does anyone know why the Bryant pa page has a black profile picture with 11/8/21?
  10. Any waitlist moment? Fb group is 28/30, curious if anyone has turned down their seat.
  11. Nothing yet! Last cycle looks like first invites went out on Nov 12th for mid December interview.
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