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  1. The 12/12 Seattle interview was the 3rd round of interviews. I got accepted after the 9/25 interview which was the first round. I know that there around 41 of us on the FB group for the class that have been accepted and possibly a few who were accepted, but might not be on the group yet. I remember they said the Seattle campus would have 50 or 54 students this year so I am thinking they are going to get more students from the waitlist or any further interviews they might have. Good luck to everyone!! Feel free to message me if you have questions.
  2. Congratulations to those who have received the call and good luck to everyone! There's a class page on FB , just look up MEDEX Class 55- Seattle.
  3. I interviewed at Seattle on 9/25 and got accepted. We had around 30 people on our Zoom interview and I think around 17 people were accepted and it looks like its around the same numbers for the November interview as well. Good luck! If you have been invited to interview then they like what they see in yoru application, it's all down to your interview now so you stand a good chance. Give it your best! Good luck!
  4. Goodluck to all of you! I got accepted in the 9/25 Seattle interview and I am praying for all of you. Don't worry, stay calm and answer them like you are having a conversation. The staff and faculty did an amazing job of helping calm everyone's nerves. They were really friendly. You guys will do great! Rooting for you all !
  5. Congratulations! There's a FB group for the class. just search for UW MEDEX Seattle 55.
  6. Congrats guys! I got the call as well from Dr. Keen. Praying for everyone. Is there already a Facebook page for this batch?
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