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  1. Lol I am with you. It’ll probably come in at 4:50pm I’ve check like 30x already
  2. Greetings Touro! Does confirmation happen via email once you have submitted required forms and a seat deposit? Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone! Replicant here. Landed an interview but no acceptance. FYI, Julie stated it’s 30 seats again this year, instead of 42. Best of luck everyone!
  4. Starting new cycle thread. Good luck to all!
  5. Starting new cycle thread. Good luck everyone!
  6. Congratulations to everyone accepted!! You all deserve this and will make great providers . I received a rejection and will be applying next year. Best wishes everyone
  7. I soooo feel the same!!! Ahhhh it’s making me crazy LOL
  8. Look forward to seeing you all too! I am getting really excited!
  9. Hi there! Have those who've received interviews heard about definitive dates or the format of the interviews? I am dying to know, and the end of Sept. was yesterday lol.
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