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  1. Was placed on the alternate list this morning, interviewed on 01/25. I'll update you all if anything happens, goodluck you all!
  2. Just got an interview invitation!!!!! Stay positive you all, I was starting to lose hope as this process is extremely stressful. I got the email at 7:19PM scheduled for Nov. 4!!! I submitted my appl. on May 16
  3. I fear you may be right, although on there website the interview dates are as follows, so I'm assuming they failed to update their site. I think they will do mass rejections after the final interview session whenever that is. Friday evening “Meet and Greet” and Saturday interview dates for the cycle of 2020-2021 are as follows: Friday, September 11, and Saturday Interview: September 12, 2020 Friday, October 2 and Saturday Interview: October 3, 2020 Friday, November 20, and Saturday Interview: November 21, 2020 Friday, January 22, and Saturday Interview: January 23,
  4. Agreed, I feel like its super late to request this but yeah I can't find UTRGV listed on casper as an option to send scores.
  5. I too interviewed on Sept. 18/19 and have yet to hear any news from them, the anxiety is killing me... Anyone else that interviewed on Sept. 18/19 that has received news or on the same boat???
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