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  1. Hey Everyone. I got a message saying that my application is incomplete. They are saying i have not completed Human physiology. Meanwhile i took human anatomy and physiology and lab. It is strange because they said “yes” for human anatomy and “no” for human physiology. Does anyone have any insight on this??
  2. Does anyone know when we are suppose to hear back?
  3. Wow, i never got any updates, as to weather my app is in review or any kind of updates since my application submission. I am even curious if they ever looked at it lol.
  4. Are they even still interviewing people?It’s been radio silence on my end since i submitted my application.
  5. So from the email are they saying we wont know if we will be off the waitlist until August 2021? Or will they be calling people off the waitlist as time goes on? Doesn't that seem to close to the start date, what about moving and getting situated?
  6. Please what time did you get waitlisted and when did you do your interview?
  7. Hey. What time did you get the waitlisted email? And when did you interview?
  8. I just called them! The lady who answered from the PA department said, they will keep calling till Dec 18th .. they will give updates on the 21st and if you were not selected at all for an interview you will know by January 1st.
  9. Anyone else from November’s interview, got any updates?
  10. Congrats to you! Please, what day of the week were you called? Do you guys think this is the last week they will be calling out to people?
  11. Have anyone heard back from interviews from November?
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