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  1. I think it took a day or two for me, but you have to submit your deposit first. I'm literally the only one who has posted so far, but that will likely pick up once we get closer to the start. I'm also thinking about starting a discord for us so we can have dedicated channels for housing, roommates, prep, resources, financial stuff, etc. Edit: one more post on there now!
  2. Hey, Coral! So glad to hear you're in, too!
  3. I'm in!! Literally had to sit down on the floor at work because my knees were shaking.
  4. CASPA submitted 5/22, supplemental mid-August (I stalled-- essays are a weak point of mine). Interview invite 9/23. Selected 10/24! Wishing everyone luck and confidence!
  5. Just got an interview invite! Applied 5/22. Invite sent 9/28. I'll be in the 10/26 group!
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