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  1. Do you know if PLV is still holding interviews? Trying to figure out what my next steps need to be and I dont want to bug admissions
  2. it seems like they are. A friend that applied last year said she got her interview early april and still got in
  3. When did you submit your application? I applied around February and trying to have when I’ll hear back
  4. okay thank you for the insight on that I really appreciate it!
  5. Hi all! I was wondering of those that have scheduled an interview, when were you notified and has anybody received rejection emails? I haven't heard anything and I'm wondering if their silence is their rejection in itself. Thank you!
  6. A friend of mine applied last year and gave me this information... since they are not a rolling admission school they don't typically send out invitations until after the cycle ends in January. I've seen others say that they might be sending out invitations at the end of September but this doesn't sound right to me. In her case, she applied in the middle of December and got an interview and acceptance.
  7. Hi all!! Feeling very anxious to hear back, this program is definitely in my top three. Wondering if anybody has heard anything this week? I wasn't able to listen into their info session last week and have been refreshing my email at least once an hour lol Best of luck to you all hope to be classmates soon enough :)
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