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  1. Congratulations! My interview is 2 weeks after yours, on the 14th. It sounds to me that they are doing multiple in-person group interviews, each Wednesday.
  2. Hello everyone! I just received an email tonight for an in-person interview on April 14th! So excited to interview with a great University such as this one. Can't wait to meet all of you; the potential people I'll spend the next few years with. Good luck everyone. I hope to meet you all! Sincerely, Ryan Grant
  3. Thanks for letting us know! I'm glad you got accepted to more than one program and have the choice. Thiel was my only waitlist so I really hope I get the chance to get off the waitlist! Good luck with your endeavors!
  4. Hi has anyone heard anything yet? Wondering if anyone has gotten an interview yet.
  5. Hey everyone. Interviewed 2 or 3 weeks ago and just got received a waitlist yesterday. Are there a lot of people on the waitlist? I hope a spot opens up!
  6. So I guess is it safe to say that if you have not heard anything after interviewing then it is a rejection? I think I saw someone above say that Leslie said all final decisions would be made by the end of this week...
  7. Yes, people have gotten rejections post-interview. I hear you Justin, getting an acceptance would be the best Christmas present. Sucks some people got acceptances, but others haven't heard anything.
  8. Does anybody know if anybody else will still get accepted from the interviews? Seems like 3 or so people got accepted yesterday, and a few today. I'm getting nervous because people are getting acceptances and I haven't heard anything yet. Seats are already starting to fill up out of the 40. I've never prayed harder in my life. My knees are getting rugburn, lol. I hope I can be a part of the cohort with you all. You're all so nice, I know we would all be so supportive of each other and help each other succeed. Just praying for a phone call soon...
  9. Me too! I interviewed the 12th. I really really hope we get accepted! I love the faculty so so much!
  10. I just heard back from the 10/13 interview. 9.5 weeks, which was unprofessional. Don't know if I'd want to even go to this program if I was accepted. 4.5 weeks is nothing haha.
  11. Well I just got my answer. 9.5 weeks later. Congrats to the people who got accepted after 2 weeks. Good luck everyone.
  12. Can you explain this more? They still haven't really given answers to the 10/13 people. Gave one acceptance I know of. But I've personally been waiting 9.5 weeks..
  13. Honestly there's no way to find out in my opinion. I interviewed 10/13 (9.5 weeks ago), when they said 3-4 weeks max, and still haven't heard anything. What's funny though is a few weeks ago they accepted someone from my group (so took 6.5 weeks total). I messaged them right after that and they said "we are finishing up decisions from 10/13 and will get back to you within the next few business days." That was about 3 weeks ago. I messaged them a few days ago to follow up again since it was 3 weeks when they said a few days, and they haven't even responded from that. What's also fun
  14. Yeah that's right after us who interviewed will be getting decisions. Good luck everyone I hope you get interviews. Would love to be a part of this cohort.
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