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  1. I called back in June to ask more about the structure of the hybrid program and they told me they probably wouldn’t be offering interviews until august. (I also applied to both)
  2. Has anyone heard anything? It says on their website they start interviews in august.
  3. I haven’t heard anything yet beyond they received my application and I applied 6/7. But they only seemed to have filled up the first interview date so I’m staying hopeful!
  4. I haven’t received anything yet either and I submitted about 3 weeks ago.
  5. I never received a confirmation email. They just happened to email me end of august about one of my pre reqs and had said I was under review then. I don’t think they’ve really sent out confirmation emails about apps. At least it seems that way.
  6. I emailed them today asking about any update on my application and they just said it was still under review.
  7. I also received saying I’m still under review...wondering if they even invited anyone yet? The interview date is only a week away.
  8. Has anyone heard anything back yet? Just had an email saying my application was under review but that was about 3 weeks ago.
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