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  1. my interview in october did not have a med terms quiz!
  2. my application was complete on 7/20, and i got the email invitation on 9/24 for an interview on 10/23
  3. Hi y'all! I've given up my seat at South due to receiving an acceptance at my top choice. Hope my seat can go to somebody on the waitlist!!
  4. I interviewed on 12/7 and got my acceptance call yesterday!! This was my top choice and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to attend Mercer next january The interview was very relaxed and the faculty were so welcoming and personable. There was a 2 on 1 interview and a group interview and both were pretty casual. I always get super super nervous for interviews but once we got started I felt pretty at ease for the entirety of it. They also gave a lot of information about the program like service opportunities and such which I really liked. Good luck to all interviewing in january!!
  5. Congrats to everyone who got an invite to interview on the 7th, can't wait to see you all!! Did anyone receive an email about what time the interview is? I'll be coming off an overnight shift at 8am so I'm wondering whether I need to ask about leaving work early that day. I haven't gotten any email after the one asking for a headshot, haha
  6. Thanks!! I got the email on 11/9 Thank you and sure! PCE: ~1,950 hours as an EMT GRE: verbal 161, quant 156, writing 5 GPA: 3.69 sGPA: 3.53
  7. got an invite to interview december 7th! anyone else hear back?
  8. Supplemental application is submitted and paid for, and now we wait. Anyone know if we get another confirmation email saying they received the supplemental app?
  9. I was just gonna ask about this too, not sure what they're looking for here. Updated hours or explanation for a failed class maybe? Also how long of a narrative do we think they're looking for, same length as CASPA?
  10. i read somewhere that the supplemental app is emailed to us after we submit caspa !
  11. Hi everyone, I thought I’d start this thread for those applying to Mercer this cycle!! Good luck to those who applied today
  12. awesome thank you! these interviews make me so nervous especially over zoom lol
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