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  1. I believe it just has to be done by September 1.
  2. That's great news! When did you guys submit your apps?
  3. I received a rejection today. For those that received an invite, did you have connections with their clinical partners or attend undergrad there?
  4. Can anyone explain to me more about the email they sent regarding their probationary accreditation status?
  5. I was wondering this as well... I haven't heard at all, but I would assume there would be a rejection notice, right?
  6. When did you submit your application? I'm wondering if they go through them in order?
  7. I also got this email on March 1. In addition to what was mentioned above, it also states that interviews will take place the end of April.
  8. Does anyone know if they go through the applications in the order they were submitted? I got an email they received mine last week but haven't heard anything since.
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