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  1. does anyone know how to submit the supplemental application? I dont see a link to it anywhere on their website or CASPA?
  2. Has anyone who is waitlisted asked Barry if they disclose a students waitlist number?
  3. I just received my supplemental application in my e-mail. Is it even worth filling out at this point?, from this forum I am gathering that the school takes months to reply and even send a receipt of confirmation. Just dont want to waste my money
  4. Waitlisted as well, what do u guys think are the chances of being pulled off? I think they are very low considering alot of people are on the waitlist
  5. Has anyone emailed the school to find out if they are still handing out interviews?
  6. I thought in the email the said they were interviewing well into march? dont know whats going on
  7. For anyone accepted outside of florida and will practice elsewhere upon graduating know if they can do so? or asked during the interview?
  8. Is anyone at all concerned of how many people they interviewing? especially those interviewing this month? I am given the opportunity to interview with them but I am reading they are pulling people off the waitlist? Do u guys think its even worth interviewing with them at this point?
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