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  1. Received my file score yesterday 5.07 Best of luck to everyone!
  2. I Will be withdrawing my interview invitation for 8/4/21 as I have been accepted elsewhere. Best of luck to everyone on this forum!
  3. I will be withdrawing my application from Emory & Henry as I have been accepted to another program. Good Luck to everybody on this forum!
  4. I got a call from Mrs. Spence I was shocked as I completely forgot about last year I even reapplied for Barry this cycle
  5. Has anyone that submitted in June receive a file score yet?
  6. it appears that for whatever reason this school considers June late Has anyone who received their verification in June gotten an interview? Also does anybody know how many interviews they usually send out?
  7. Hey guys I reached out to the faculty regarding how I could pay the supplemental application and they directed me to this site ttps://myeh.force.com/apply I was able to pay the fee without an issue! Have any of you received a confirmation email from the school stating that they received your application?
  8. hmm when I go to my rosalind franklin portal it says waived. Thats odd
  9. Guys just to confirm the supplemental application fee for this application cycle was waived right?
  10. I also submitted my verified application on 6/2/21 and still have not received my file score yet.
  11. whats crazy is that no where on their CASPA application mentions anything about probation
  12. Yea I was also looking forward to this program until recently
  13. What are your guys thoughts about Rocky Vista being placed on probation this year?
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