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  1. Is anyone at all concerned of how many people they interviewing? especially those interviewing this month? I am given the opportunity to interview with them but I am reading they are pulling people off the waitlist? Do u guys think its even worth interviewing with them at this point?
  2. I got the same email and I emailed them they said that I accidentally submitted two applications but they have my completed app.
  3. Same here I keep checking my email every half hour the waiting game sucks haha
  4. does anyone know if the class is full or if they are done interviewing?
  5. for those who were accepted did you guys receive an email confirmation that a copy of social security card was received by the admissions department after uploading it online?
  6. I got the third step faculty review email but nothing after that. Keeping my fingers crossed
  7. When did u guys receive the email stating u moved to the third step faculty review?
  8. Im concerned because I got an email saying I moved to the third round and now the winter session is starting, hope they dont forget about me haha
  9. Has anyone received any communication from them? these past two days?
  10. Its not an acceptance because at the end it says If you remain interested in our developing program at the Middletown campus, you may submit a new application when the admission cycle opens in April of 2021. SO basically we wasted money applying to this school and I dont think they are giving refunds. What a great school
  11. Still havent heard back either, has anyone that is on the waitlist reached out to the school to know when we might be taken off?
  12. Has anyone from the waitlist been accepted yet?
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