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  1. Most schools only call those accepted, and waitlists and rejections get an email. At least that has been my experience with the other schools I interviewed with. I would assume WSU is the same.
  2. I interviewed on a Friday and was called the following Thursday.
  3. Hey Bailey! I sent you a friend request (I think it's you, lol!), and then I'll invite you to the group.
  4. Got a rejection today also. Interviewed 11/4. Thankfully I've been accepted to another one of my top choice schools. Good luck to the rest of you!!!
  5. I have no idea. I haven't seen or heard anything from anyone else!
  6. Thanks! I interviewed last Friday, 11/13 in the early morning session.
  7. Just got an acceptance call!! Still trying to process it!!
  8. I think so! I asked during the interview what the range of file scores they accepted last year was, and I can’t remember the exact number but it did go down into the 9’s. Don’t get discouraged! It’s never over until it’s over.
  9. Yea... In the interview today they did say that we were the last group, and a decision either way would be out to everyone by Thanksgiving. Sorry, keep your head up!!
  10. I got mine about a half hour ago, so they are coming!
  11. I received an invite this morning for 11/4 as well!
  12. I would definitely email Kit about scheduling it. I did that and she responded quickly and got it scheduled. Personally I wouldn't wait for them to call you if you want to interview sooner rather than later.
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