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  1. Hi!! Those are really good questions! I would try and get in contact with someone from admissions and ask all of those. You could probably find an email address on their website!
  2. i'm still waiting to hear back lol but i did see their academic calendar online and i believe class starts end of May!
  3. i also interviewed on 2/1!!! has anyone that interviewed that day heard back yet??
  4. also received that email! I hope they get back to you fast!
  5. i am feeling the same exact way. this sucks. but based off of his response to your email it kind of sounds like he is confirming we will hear today (or this weekend though I doubt it since none of their emails have ever seemed to come on a weekend day)??? IM STRESSED
  6. i'm just curious but was anyone was accepted this past week or the week before??
  7. and on top of that take into account that not everyone in that fb group might actually end up attending UTRGV in the end! sometimes people join after they get an acceptance but end up going somewhere else and don't leave the group until later
  8. Np! Hope you can get that figured out! I'll be interviewing feb 1st as well! in the morning. Good luck to you!!!
  9. I got a confirmation email the day after I accepted the interview offer! Maybe try again?
  10. Oh you're the first person I've heard getting a call!!! didn't know they were doing that
  11. I think we interviewed the same day. I feel the same exact way as you lol! Huge congrats to all those accepted, that's so exciting!! Trying to not let myself get discouraged every time I see an acceptance post, but I feel you it can be hard! Let's keep our chins up though!! In the end more acceptances go out than the spots they actually fill, and typically send out acceptances all the way up to the week or so before the program starts! and it's still so early if you think about it *This is what I am reminding myself to try and stay positive lol
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