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  1. I’m glad you posted this because i was wondering as well! I had emailed dr. Hadley about sending in my transcripts for a few classes I’m taking to fulfill my final prereqs but I haven’t heard anything else official yet! Was definitely unsettling but they may just be waiting until the new year.
  2. Also FYI, i talked to Dr. Hadley and he said he’s very aware of the problem, and they’re not going to take away anyone’s seat due to a technical problem. More details will be coming out soon via email. In terms of the seat deposit i just saved my receipt, no confirmation email.
  3. I actually haven’t received my official acceptance package in the mail yet. Hoping it hasn’t gotten lost somewhere! Emailing is a good idea- There might just be a back up of sending these out
  4. I believe there’s a round of interviews happening this Friday, and i think a few more rounds? Not sure when the other rounds will be though, i remember seeing that they interview through nov though
  5. It does not. It’s just claiming your radford account, and then i followed the directions from the first email about paying the deposit. I’m really hoping we get the admissions packet soon so a lot of this gets cleared up. In the mean time, maybe send a follow up email? Sounds like that may be the reason i got it. Also note- the email address given in the first email is a little bit different but the subject line is the same
  6. Hi everyone! i got my RUID email this morning! Made my seat deposit payment. If you haven’t received yours yet i recommend replying to your acceptance email, but I’m hoping everyone’s went out at once.
  7. Still nothing. So odd right? I emailed the grad school contact attached to the email. Will let you know when i hear something! I’m assuming you also haven’t received that admission packet that’s noted in the email? Haven’t gotten that either! I might go ahead and email Dr. Hadley as well, i bet he has mor info about dates
  8. I emailed them and will keep you posted on when i hear back! I’m definitely getting anxious too
  9. I would definitely email them, I remember them saying you’d hear within the week. Plus it shows you’re still interested in this program specifically!
  10. Has anyone that got the acceptance email received the email regarding RUID? I got my admittance email yesterday (yay!) but haven’t gotten the next email to set up my RU account. I want to make sure i don’t miss the deadline to submit my seat deposit!
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