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  1. Their email says late September. According to last year’s forum, it was around 9/29.
  2. Thank you! Do you know if their minimum GRE requirement is 50th percentile in each section? I couldn’t find on their website if it was a hard requirement to be considered
  3. Do y'all think it's too late to apply to this program if my CASPA is already verified? I understand it's rolling admissions
  4. anyone know if there has been any rejections after interviews or only waitlist/acceptances so far?
  5. They start in July after the July 4th holiday
  6. Just received an interview invite! Can’t wait to meet everyone on 9/27!
  7. Can someone who received an invite already share what day the interview is?
  8. For those who received invites, when did you submit?
  9. Anyone know about how many people are in each interview session?
  10. Same here. Going off of this, is there a hard minimum GRE score requirement? I could not find this on their website, just that competitive applicants score at or above 50th percentile in each section.
  11. Has anyone received an interview invite yet? Their website states interviews begin in September this cycle
  12. I got an invite 2 weeks ago but I did not receive this email from Marsha. I would inquire about it!
  13. Does anyone have an idea of how many seats are still available?
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