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  1. EMU sends out e-mail to accepted applicant so make sure you check spam first !!
  2. Did anyone hear about the status of Adverse Action-Accreditation-Probation of WMU. Hope everything is fine
  3. One source that seems to be very helpful are recent grads of PA schools who charge for reviewing your PS
  4. One source that seems to be very helpful are recent grads of PA schools who charge for reviewing your PS
  5. Nothing 'alarming" except Accreditation History says March 2020 Program Change: Change in class size (105 to 125, incremental increases through May 1, 2023). The commission does not approve the increase in maximum class size.
  6. Congratulations on your acceptance !!! Would you like to share your stats !! Thanks
  7. As the programs fill up the remiaing seats they are less inclined to offer choices for interview dates that they did earlier when they started interviews. Since they have a long waiting list that you would be competing against I would suggest that you be extra well prepared for the January interview. Even if they don''t accept you right away, it would be to your advantage if you are put on waiting list.
  8. So many getting accepted to multiple schools and withholding seats while waiting to hear from their top choice resulted in longer and longer time on the waitlist for those really wish to get accepted to these programs
  9. Just out of curiosity , do you mind sharing which PA school you studied and have you asked them if they are willing to help you !!
  10. Please make sure you check the Accreditation status before applying to this school http://www.arc-pa.org/accreditation/
  11. Most people who chose to stay in their state for the PA program decide on the basis of tuition fee and the fact that they may not have to rent an apartment If you have decided to move to another state you will probably receive job offers after doing your rotations there. I also suggest to confirm PA school Accreditation status & reason eg why they are on probation as a clue to find out if they are on solid ground You may find these links useful: http://www.arc-pa.org/accreditation/ https://www.mypatraining.com/choosing-the-best-physician-assistant-school-for-you/ https:
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