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  1. Thank you for sharing!! I’m 30, and a non traditional applicant as well. Your post gave me hope and made my day. Best of luck to you!!
  2. Good morning everyone, unrelated but happy Halloween to my applicant fam. Wishing everyone a safe and fun holiday!
  3. I also have some waiting to do . Congrats to all those who have interviews coming up, best of luck!!
  4. Please don't stress ! Someone recently shared that you could look up youtube videos. I'm sure there's other study tools online if we just search for them. Look at the bright side, we have two weeks to study for this thing. You got this, you're gonna do great.
  5. Thank you for the informative, positive, and uplifting post. Best of luck to you too!!
  6. Quick question, when you log into the self service center what is the status of your application? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this!
  7. This is wonderful news Kendall! I haven’t gotten anything . I’m praying I get the same e-mail! Regardless, I’m happy for you stranger. Wishing you a wonderful evening, and thanks for sharing. The ball is rolling people
  8. I haven’t heard anything either. Oddly enough this makes me like the program more? Looking at the whole applicant rather than just the numbers is much more time consuming. Anyways, I’m hopeful that’s the case. I’ve never met the admissions board other than at the June 13th virtual information session but overall I got good vibes from these people. Stay strong and stay hopeful everyone, before we know it interview invites will be here.
  9. Thank you so much for sharing! Currently eating chips and refreshing my inbox every two seconds. I should probably find something on Netflix instead lol...
  10. No problem, the same thing happened to me last week! I actually freaked out and wound up calling grad central.
  11. Try using this link, it should direct you to the log in portal. When I log into mine it still says "Applied-Under review by program." I hope that helps! https://utrgv.radiusbycampusmgmt.com/ssc/zx671wA867020x67020Mal.ssc
  12. Same here, I don’t want to send them an email because I’m sure they receive a ton. I don’t think that’s right either, but I could be wrong.
  13. Dude... that’s what I thought too. Has anyone else heard of classes starting on December?
  14. I wasn’t aware classes would start on December , do you mind sharing more details about this? Also, I agree with you, there’s still plenty of time. We also have to consider, on top of reviewing a ton of applications, they probably all have day jobs and lives which might of been affected by the pandemic. Someone recently shared with me that last year they received ~2,000 applications . It’s probably more challenging to review and compare applications with a committee during these times. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took at least another month or two before they began reaching out. I hope they’re all doing ok that’s for sure.
  15. My apologies, I didn’t mean to come across as insensitive. Also, I understand where you’re coming from...! I hope we hear back from them soon, wishing everyone the best of luck.
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