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  1. Hello! I just got off the waitlist today but I may end up giving my spot up since I have already signed for an appt elsewhere near the pa school I got accepted in much earlier. So keep a heads up incase one of you get my spot! I’ll probably make a decision by tomorrow. Good luck everyone
  2. Hii! For those who live in SA or current PA students, do you guys have any apartment recommendations? Thank you.
  3. I heard them saying it is the same as the class size. So, they have a backup for each person
  4. I also got waitlisted but since I have been accepted to another TX pa program I am not too bummed. Goodluck to everyone.
  5. I was unsure as well but I only did the post interview email since it mentioned it on there.
  6. Yes I have also noticed the start time change. I also did not expect orientation day to be that long from 12-8.
  7. Hey guys, has anyone in group A received more information about the interview and exact schedule?
  8. I just got an interview invite for the 9th however I will decline since I have gotten into a TX pa program closer to home. Goodluck I hope one of you get my spot.
  9. Does anyone know the interview format? Is it traditional or MMI or how many interviews total? I feel like I do not have much information
  10. On my interview day (i interviewed oct 12) they said they have 4 interview dates and 36 people are interviewed each day. (18 in the AM section and 18 in the PM)
  11. Do you remember when she said we would get the email? I was so shocked and happy and I cannot remember lol. Is it this week?
  12. I just got my acceptance call! I am beyond excited. I cannot wait to meet you guys. Good luck to everyone with future interviews, you got this
  13. Yes they gave instructions on how to do it in a email a couple days before the interview. It is pretty simple but if you are confused you can always ask in the general meeting and they will be happy to clarify.
  14. I have not either and I RSVP immediately after I got the interview invite. Hopefully we get it today or tomorrow otherwise we should email.
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