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  1. Anybody see this recently? Highlights some current PAs in EMS. https://www.ems1.com/careers/articles/what-ems-pas-can-do-for-your-ems-system-disBoAKmxAnUSdGe/?fbclid=IwAR2Khv9PHE93yJu1kPGT-f1eAN1cL9ot_6uWSZDlRE-LaSmO0Apx7_zn-sw
  2. Thank you everyone this has been very helpful. I will update soon!
  3. Hey everyone, looking for help on deciding between schools. I was accepted to a school where I will be in the first cohort at a provisional accreditation school that begins in January. The rest of my schools I have been given interviews, but they are not until January and February, for the fall class. The new program sounds like they are prepared to go the extra mile for new students, including rotations already set up and inter-professional programs with micro-credentialing. The new school is in an ideal location, but there are other schools nearby that start in the fall. The early start to the new program puts me in a tight spot on deciding. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I take the chance and begin with the new school or wait and see of the possibility of getting into other programs. Looking to do EM in the future. Thanks!
  4. What are you looking for? I'm currently in the Buffalo area and there are multiple hospitals in the area, including ECMC (level 1 trauma/burn center), Buffalo General Hospital, Oishei Children's Hospital, Mercy Hospital, etc. Seems to be a lot of options available here due to the UB med school, dental, pharmacy, 3 PA schools.
  5. I believe the program is very oriented towards helping the community in the Buffalo area and how they can provide equal healthcare to all. For interviews, I believe shaping your answers into how you've helped the community and how you want to continue doing that in the future is your best bet. The interview was very relaxed for the two instructors with one applicant interview. The group ethical situation, they do not care what your group arrives at for an answer, but how your able to act professionally with other students. Our ethical situation was a top tier student who was caught cheating and we established that although we are a highly ethical profession there could be a situational as opposed to dispositional reason for the cheating, so to bring the student in for an interview and provide assistance to the student if there was a situational reasoning to the cheating. Hope this helps.
  6. Hello everyone, starting a thread for the new Canisius College PA program. I am currently applying to the program and wondering if anyone has heard about the program overall, or professors/admin. Anyone else applying and nervous about the provisional accreditation? Hoping this program turns out well! Starts January 2021.
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