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  1. Hey everyone! Glad I came across this! Thanks for putting it together. I have also put down my deposit. I haven't gotten a ton of information yet, but I did do some googling around and found this: https://marybaldwin.edu/health-sciences/school-of-health-human-performance/master-of-science-physician-assistant/new-student-page/ I wouldn't follow any of this without confirmation, since it is for the class entering in January 2020, but it at least made me feel a little better to see how things were formatted last year! I was especially comforted by this: http://marybaldwin.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/MDCHS-Spring-2020-Schedule-FINAL-11.18.19-PA-2022.pdf Having this schedule to refer to makes me feel like I have some idea of how our first semester will be structured. On the housing note, my cousin lives about 4 miles from the school. She said that the eviction moratorium due to COVID is why we aren't finding any openings. That makes a whole lot of sense! I also think rent is pretty high, considering how rural the area is. I currently live about an hour away and the rent here is half at most places! Yikes! The first link I posted has some housing suggestions near the top as well. I look forward to meeting you guys! Can't wait to get more connected!
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