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  1. It is traditional. You have two separate 15 minutes interviews.
  2. I received an invite for interview earlier today but will be rejecting as I’ve already been accepted to my top choice. For reference, I was verified 6/22. Best of luck to everyone!!
  3. How did you join the accepted students Facebook group? Did you receive an invite from Wendy?
  4. Now that I've collected myself a bit. I interviewed 10/6 and received notification, today, October 12 around 4:30 PM. I wish everyone else receiving news the best of luck and look forward to meeting all of my future classmates!
  5. Just got an acceptance email!!! I've been a blubbering mess for the past 10 minutes, one of the few times in my life where I was literally just speechless and crying. I can't even believe this right now, will probably remain in shock for at least the next 72 hours.
  6. It looked like around 50-55 students or so.
  7. Received a rejection today. Application was complete 7/29. Good luck to everyone else applying!
  8. Just received an interview invite for October 5th, so excited!!! Duke is my absolute dream school, I'm honored to even have the chance to interview.
  9. Just received an interview invite! I'm totally shocked and over the moon, Yale was a 100% reach school for me and I never in a million years imagined even getting an interview. I read the email about 10 minutes after it was sent and when I went to schedule my interview, there were actually no seats remaining. Talk about competitive! I emailed admissions and thankfully they added additional dates. My stats for those curious: cGPA: 3.56 sGPA: 3.52 GRE: 317 PCE: 8600 as an RN in NICU/PICU. I think this is my strength as an applicant, since I have a pretty average GPA.
  10. My interview is October 1st. So far Emory is the only school out of 12 I applied to that I've even heard from, so I'm definitely stressing but also so excited!! I know they use MMI, so best tip would be to brush up on MMI practice questions and skills
  11. Received an interview invite yesterday! Was given between a virtual date and a in-person date.
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